Are we nuts about transport maps?

It started with the R081 Knowledge Map for Creative iMedia. J wanted a way to help students learn all the keywords. But it became more than that. It was used to ensure all the content was covered in a lesson, when students were practising exam questions, for support and to test each other. After a number of other knowledge maps were produced we started to feel the map could be tricky for some students so we wanted to make little maps, like you could pick up whilst travelling on a particular line. So we created more detailed knowledge lines that summarise some of the key concepts as visually as possible. We had a set of lessons lying around to teach each area so used the plenaries from them to add some questions using Bloom’s Taxonomy and finally a few tasks to test their knowledge. J can’t stop using these in lesson now, he’s used them to teach whole lessons as well as for starters and plenaries. We thought they’d help for coursework practice so we’re going to be using our newly created ones shortly for R082. Hopefully they will help students prepare well for the assignments and they will have the confidence tackle all of the tasks with confidence!

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