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Remote Learning

Well it’s been a while since the last post. It’s been a very busy term. With our classes having students missing self-isolating it’s been interesting teaching half in the room and half using video conferencing. Whilst one solution is best for every student, it can be a challenge thinking of ideas for students without the same level of technology access at school. We remember learning to teach without whiteboards and the world wide web but it’s a different world now and so some resources get forgotten about. We’ve been able to teach software at home using video conferencing but only with the help of some little worksheets and videos. So this week it’s definitely time for a little story to read and also some live quizzes and games to play together.

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Challenging times for resources

It seems a distant memory when I used to just be able print out a help sheet or resource for a lesson. Now I question is it right to print out and recycle for one lesson. If I don’t how long should I keep it before reusing it. So I end up laminating or sticking to on-screen resources most of the time. This provides a challenge though. Some tasks are easy to ‘digitise’. Others need more thought. How can I create that game? How can students have a crib sheet by their side? I certainly don’t want death by Quizziz or Kahoot! to make the lessons interactive and sometimes I want the students to interact with each other. So time for a bit of refreshing of skills to invent new ways to present the old. Perhaps it will help give me more tools in a post-Covid world too.

Crazy about cats

I wondered in the age of apps if students had ever played Snakes and Ladders. Turns out they had so the Cats Dinner Game was born. A different way to use Bloom’s Taxonomy questioning and a way for everyone to get involved. We’ve made a few for Creative iMedia and will make some for our other courses too. Search Cat’s Dinner and see what comes up!

Knowing the command words

It’s easy to deliver content and then give a test without much thought to explaining exam keywords. But it’s very important. Not only does it save students time in the exam, for example not wasting time writing too much for IDENTIFY questions, but also so they know HOW to answer questions. For the Creative iMedia R081 exam J put together a little exercise to help with this.

Hopefully by running through what command words mean and then having a go at a few questions it will help to ensure a better result in the exam. Only time will tell!

Are we nuts about transport maps?

It started with the R081 Knowledge Map for Creative iMedia. J wanted a way to help students learn all the keywords. But it became more than that. It was used to ensure all the content was covered in a lesson, when students were practising exam questions, for support and to test each other. After a number of other knowledge maps were produced we started to feel the map could be tricky for some students so we wanted to make little maps, like you could pick up whilst travelling on a particular line. So we created more detailed knowledge lines that summarise some of the key concepts as visually as possible. We had a set of lessons lying around to teach each area so used the plenaries from them to add some questions using Bloom’s Taxonomy and finally a few tasks to test their knowledge. J can’t stop using these in lesson now, he’s used them to teach whole lessons as well as for starters and plenaries. We thought they’d help for coursework practice so we’re going to be using our newly created ones shortly for R082. Hopefully they will help students prepare well for the assignments and they will have the confidence tackle all of the tasks with confidence!

Time to turn the computer off…we’re tired!

Well that’s a relief. we’re keeping our fingers crossed everything rules smoothly on the new website. It actually only took a few weekends but some of the finishing touches to make it easy to use were playing up. So as well as clearing the browser cache hundreds of times and even the router cache had to be cleared we think we got there.

Farewell to our old website!

We are preparing to bid farewell to our old website on WIx. Whilst it served us well when we were setting up we did not have much flexibility over customisation and have a few technical issues they could not resolve. Our new website should last us longer than six months. We have a little backlog of resources we’ve been waiting to finish so that should keep us busy in the short term.

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