We’ve put together this little guide to give you both an overview of our RocketCake resources, as well as how they can be used to teach this great software.

Where to obtain RocketCake

Rocketcake can be downloaded from Ambiera’s website. There is a free version, which our resources are based on. We use the this version at Key Stage 3 and for R085 in the OCR Creative iMedia course.

The Lessons

We only had enough time for five lessons in KS3 so it was a bit of a squeeze but we think we’ve covered enough to get students started. The lessons were planned for an hour, though we appreciate that there could be some carry over if they want some time to explore independently. 

We’ve included Rocket Choices with every lesson. Basically they are student response cards themed with rockets. There is an interactive version included as well (it’s a PPSX file). We use them to give students a choice of answers including opinions and to show confidence levels. In lesson they’ve been useful with students less likely to put up their hand – but they will put the coloured card on the desk. I plan to use the interactive version more so I can still remain socially distanced whilst checking progress.

Rockets - On One Sheet_Preview.png

Rocket Choices.gif

At the end of each lesson students can vote how confident they feel using Rocket Choices and there’s some differentiated questions using Bloom’s Taxonomy to check understanding.

Lesson 1 - Starting A Website_Preview_Pa

Lesson Plans

We created lesson plans to give a brief overview of each lesson – each lesson plan is in the relevant lesson (but we’ve kept an editable version as well as we realise the we might change it for different groups!)

Supporting students 

Sometimes students need a bit of support and so we’ve developed a few extra sheets to help them on their journey. The Thinking Points When Designing A Template sheet helps them to think about the concepts covered in the lesson…

Thinking Points When Designing A Templat

A couple of parts of the software have multiple options, so we’ve prepared a couple of crib sheets – the Hyperlinks Crib Sheet (which reminds students how to make them as well as the different types) as well as the Web Forms Crib Sheet

Reinforcing the keywords

Reinforcing the keywords in lesson helps my students gain confidence and they are more able to talk about the tools they have used. To help with this the lesson slides have the keywords coloured in magenta and are included near the start of the lesson. Also,  a copy of the Glossary can come in handy – either the version which has some notes or the blank one called My Glossary, so they can add their own notes. I tend to share the electronic version and one or two prefer the paper-based one.

Independent, flipped and blended learning

We also produced a couple of resources to give us a bit more flexibility across the year groups. We’ve created a Web Design using RocketCake Booklet which could be used for students to refer to if stuck – or they could pre-read the skills so they are familiar with them in the lesson.

Our students love videos so we made them for the concepts in the booklet above and added some narration. We’ve bundled them into one pack called Web Design using RocketCake Video Tutorials and have put on our VLE so dents can use them when they are working at home!


There is no specific homework in each lesson. However, you could use the crosswords to help students remember the keywords or set the videos to get them prepared for the lesson.

The final stage

When it gets the the final lesson they get a copy of the Skills Checklist so they can check off the skills they’ve used and get a peer to check their final work. 

Other Considerations

Can your students edit graphics and images? We’ve taught Adobe Photoshop before RocketCake so they just reuse those skills if they need to edit any images provided in the lessons.

How our resources are mapped to the Creative iMedia specification for Unit R085

Rocketcake is approved by OCR – please click here for more information!

What file format do you use for the resources?

Presentations are made in Microsoft PowerPoint, videos compressed as MP4 and the resources students complete tend to be in an editable PDF format. They can just save like any document. You can upload to Google Classroom/Microsoft Teams and then they can download and reupload if you want to share it that way too. Our RocketCake Choices resource is an interactive way to have participation without the need to cut out the rockets. Of course you can print if you normally would – we both teach at different schools and have different rules about the use paper-based resources!

What do our resources cost?

If you want all the resources in one file then the easiest way is to purchase one of our RocketCake Teaching Pack as it will add all the resources in your account in one transaction (you just have to pick a few options to decide which version you want). Alternatively you may want to purchase them individually Below we’ve put together a summary of the different prices of the resources we’ve made available or see them all by clicking here.