As there are a number of resources in our Unit 3 Assignments Preparation Pack, here’s how I am using it to prepare my students for Assignment A. I repeat the same process for Assignment B&C, except I slot in some teaching of Adobe Photoshop as well.

Beginning of the teaching phase

I find the Knowledge Map helps to give students an overview of what they will be covering. It is A3, so I print it as a poster for the wall and shrink it to put on stickers for students folders. I also put a copy in their area and Google Classroom.

Assignment A Preparation Lessons

First I deliver the five Assignment A lessons. Here’s a preview of just one of them. Every lesson contains a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation so I  can edit the text and adapt it to suit the class if needed in the future.

Each takes me around 30-40 minutes to deliver, depending on the activities within the lesson. I refer to the Knowledge Map in each lesson, for example in the plenary when students are trying to think of the keywords. They know which ‘line’ that they are on as it’s the same name as the lesson. Some students like to print it and highlight which ones they’ve covered as well. In my NQT year (which is quite a few years ago now), I was told a plenary can be at any point. I found it hard to understand at the time, but I do this with some of the lessons to mix it up. The questions were created using Bloom’s Taxonomy and are in the Activities file in each lesson. In the final part of my lessons, students make a start on the exercises and/or make a note of any keywords they want to remember.


If students haven’t finished the exercises in the Activities file above they complete them for homework. There’s room for a Crossword now and again as well and as they come with the answers so they can check what they’ve done themselves! 


Whilst it’s not an exam, I ask students to check over the Keywords Checklist and tick the keywords they are confident with. Then, with their copy of the lesson presentation, they can look over any areas they aren’t so sure about.

After that, students complete the Practice Workbook which checks their knowledge from the lessons. I provide them with the answer booklet so they can see suggested responses and they ask me if they are unsure.

Finally, whilst it’s not an exam, I ask students to check over the Keywords Glossary/Notes booklet to use a glossary for their revision. Some prefer to make their own notes so use the My Keywords & Notes version.

Are they ready?

I give them a copy of the Confidence Checker and ask them to honestly tick each question then set themselves targets before the assignment begins. I chat to each student whilst they have some time to look over all their lesson notes and work.

Assignment time!

If they’re not ready I revisit any misconceptions then begin the assessment phase. It is at this point that I explain to them about the resources being for practice only to prepare them and I set them off on the Assignment Brief. I no longer refer to the materials – they decide how to approach it!

I hope you found this useful, if you have any questions about the resources, drop me a line here

How Enjoy Computing resources aim to fulfil the Pearson specification

Whilst the resources are not endorsed by Pearson, I’ve delivered Unit 3 since it began. The exam board have indicated that not all areas of the specification are covered in an assignment, but I’ve still gone through to see how well they’ve been met as they still needs to be delivered.

Are the resources suitable for teaching during the pandemic?

Most were created during the pandemic so yes!

The resources students complete tend to be in an editable PDF format. They can just save like any document. You can upload to Google Classroom/Microsoft Teams and then they can download and reupload if you want to share it that way too. Of course if you can print if you normally would – we both teach at different schools and have different rules about the use paper-based resources!

What do our resources cost?

If you want to download all the resources in a pack, there’s three to choose from:

Or if you prefer, as our website works on a pick ‘n’ mix basis, you can purchase individual parts you think would be useful for you: