We’ve put together this little guide to give you both an overview of our Interactive Multimedia Products Practice resources, as well as how they can be used to practice for the Creative iMedia R087 unit. As it’s quite a long term, we use IMP a lot – though it’s not an official acronym!

What is an Interactive Multimedia Product?

An Interactive Multimedia Product is a digital product that allows user interaction eg. website; app; information or ordering kiosk. Students can create them using (but not limited to):

  • Web authoring software e.g. RocketCake
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

When I taught Microsoft PowerPoint in the early 2000s, we barely touched the surface of the potential of the presentation software. “Death by PowerPoint” is not heard as much now but Microsoft PowerPoint, along with all it’s improvements is a great way to create Interactive Multimedia Products.

Website or presentation?

It’s the students choice. Pre-pandemic, students had studied R085 in Year 10 and so built up their web design skills. So in the Creation phase of the resources students are taught how to use Microsoft PowerPoint in Creation Lesson 1.

Exposure to examples

We use three scenarios throughout the practice unit, to give students ideas and inspiration:

(The Gym 24/7 Interactive Multimedia Product can be downloaded free here)

Variety of resources

To keep the resources alive, we’ve tried to vary the practice materials so lessons will include videos, booklets, practical tasks, quizzes and questions.

Time to practise

We would not have time to complete an entire practice of R087. So instead, we’ve turned the practice lessons into ‘micro-tasks’ . Before embarking on the coursework we set aside around 15 lessons to ensure there is enough time to practice each key area:

  • Research (2 lessons)
  • Planning (4 lessons)
  • Creation (4 lessons,)
  • Review (1 lesson)

That said, it depends how much curriculum time you have! There is room for blended learning as the planning stage overlaps with R081. Our planning lessons reinforce the knowledge by applying it to an interactive multimedia product. So it also serves as revision!

Reinforcing the Key Content

Although the content is not examined with a formal paper, reinforcing the keywords, concepts and skills helps the students be more independent when they are assessed with the assignment.

Meeting the specification

Here’s how the Enjoy Computing resources aim to meet the OCR specification for R087:

What file format do you use for the resources?

  • Presentations are made in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Lesson plans are made in Microsoft Word
  • Videos compressed as MP4 and some are available on our YouTube channel
  • Most resources students complete tend to be in an editable PDF format. They can just save like any document. You can upload to Google Classroom/Microsoft Teams and then they can download and reupload if you want to share it that way too. Of course you can print if you normally would – we both teach at different schools and have different rules about the use paper-based resources!
  • Some student resources are in Word format.
  • Quizzes have three options: paper-based, interactive (webpage) and SCORM (so you can upload to a VLE)

What do our resources cost?

If you want all the resources in one file then the easiest way is to purchase one of our ‘bundles’ as it all the lessons you order will appear in your account in one transaction. We have two bundles:

  • The Full English – every lesson and resource we’ve made and used for R087 practice
  • Hold The Beans – tick which lessons you want in your bundle