Interactive Multimedia Products Practice – Creation 1 – IMP Skills


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  • Part of our Interactive Multimedia Product Practice Series (which could be used at KS3 or to deliver Creative iMedia R087 practice)
  • This lesson is designed to show students how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create an IMP (web design is mentioned as an option)
  • You can deliver in different ways e.g. skill by skill (there’s a task for each skills) or teach the skills then let them complete the tasks on their own
  • The lesson includes:
    • Editable teacher presentation
    • Editable lesson plan
    • 10 Practical Tasks sheet (PDF which students can type Y into)
    • A folder with supporting files and all the PowerPoints Skills Video Tutorials for students to use when completing the tasks
    • 1 Written Task (PDF which students can type Y into and editable skeleton presentation which students can fill in)
    • Created in Microsoft PowerPoint version 16
  • Please note:
    • Not all slides/included resources are shown in previews on the website, if you have any questions please contact us prior to purchase
    • If you have previously purchased the now discontinued Interactive Multimedia Product Skills Lesson, this is a reworked version with the additional of a few more slides and ALT text plus an editable lesson plan

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