Purchasing from a school

If you would like your school to purchase resources here are the options:

Debit/Credit Card

  • You can ask your school to order for you, security using the Stripe payment system at the checkout
  • If they use their email address they will have to access/download the resources for you; they could use yours as part of the order if they let you!
  • Orders are fulfilled automatically

Purchase Order

  • If you have the authority create a Purchase Order (or ask the Finance department too) and make a note of the PO number
  • At the checkout choose Purchase Order
  • Your order will be placed ‘on hold’ until we receive payment (details are in the order confirmation)
  • If you or your school subsequently wants to pay by debit/credit card, please get in touch!
  • Once payment is received we will release your order. Please note this can take a little longer (though we will try and do the same day!)
  • Please note: Purchase Orders are subject to a £5 admin charge.
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